Credit Card Skimming Devices Found In City

Jamestown and Ellicott police are asking the public to be aware of credit card skimming devices being used in Jamestown and Ellicott.

A skimming device is an electronic device that is illegally connected to anything used to pay for an item with a credit or debit card, including gas pumps, ATM machines or other vending machines that take a card. The devices can sometimes be visible on the exterior of the gas pump or the ATM but are sometimes hidden within the unit.

Consumers should use caution when using their card on such devices to avoid becoming a victim of a thief who is trying to steal bank account information. Devices that appear to have been tampered with should not be used; anyone who does see a suspicious item on a machine should call local police. Consumers should also be vigilant and monitor their bank accounts to make sure unauthorized transactions aren’t being made.

Anyone who may have fallen victim to such activity should notify their bank and file a police report.