Temp CARTS Location Moved During Road Work

Jamestown Public Works Department highway crews mill Pine Street between Third and Fourth streets, which is the temporary location for the Chautauqua Area Regional Transit System. P-J photo by Dennis Phillips

The temporary location for the Chautauqua Area Regional Transit System in downtown Jamestown has been closed the past couple days for street milling.

The location along Pine Street between Third and Fourth streets was temporarily closed while the milling was ongoing. Sam Teresi, Jamestown mayor, said while the street was temporarily closed, it was up to CARTS officials what other location they would use for a hub, which could have been the front of the Windstream building along Fourth Street that has been utilized by the Coach USA buses. He said when Pine Street is open to traffic, CARTS will continue to use the street as their temporary location, which is near the Chautauqua County South County Office Building.

Teresi said the next time the street should be closed is the day it will be paved. He said the paving will take place next week, which will be determined by the weather. He added when the street is being paved, which should only take one day, CARTS will need to find another area in the city for a hub, which could be the front of the Windstream building.

In June, Jamestown City Council approved the temporary location for CARTS along Pine Street to be used until Sept. 1.

It is also unknown what county officials will do for a CARTS hub in downtown Jamestown once the use of the temporary location expires. Teresi said that will be decided by county officials. CARTS officials did not return calls for comment Wednesday and Thursday.

Teresi said they have met with county officials about whether they will return to West Second Street. He said county officials are reviewing their options.

The downtown hub for CARTS is the Jamestown Gateway Train Station along West Second Street. During the construction of the West Second Street piazza, the hub location was temporarily changed to Pine Street. Because West Second Street is also now the new home of the National Comedy Center, it is unknown if CARTS will be returning to the West Second Street hub location.