Several Dogs Reported Missing In Warren County

WARREN, Pa. — Dogs are going missing in Warren County, Pa.

According to the Paws Along the River Humane Society, a number of dogs have mysteriously gone missing over the past few days in Pittsfield and Freehold townships in Pennsylvania.

“We have had five reports since the 25th,” said Executive Director Karen Kolos. Callers have reported that dogs left outside, that otherwise don’t leave the property, are suddenly gone.

It is not the first time that a number of dogs have been reported missing from a portion of the county over a short period of time.

“About a month ago, we had families calling,” Kolos said. “Their dogs were missing. That was on Frantz Road” in Glade Township, Pa. There have also been similar occurrences in years past, she said.

In response, the humane society posted social media warnings.

“We thought we’d better put something up,” Kolos said.

“It appears that mostly medium-to-large breeds are being targeted, but all dog owners need to take immediate precautions,” according to the Facebook post. “If you see any suspicious activity or vehicles, immediately report it. See something, say something.”

“Please do not allow your dogs to be outside alone,” Kolos added. “Keep them supervised.”

She said dogs are sometimes stolen to be sold. “People do sell them for research and they sell them for fighting.”

“We’ve had this around the area before,” Kolos said. “It is a very big concern.”

Pennsylvania State Police have been made aware of the situation.


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