Lombart To Speak At Lecture

Kandace Brill Lombart will join the Fenton History Center to highlight the Brill family of Jamestown, who lived at 645 Lakeview Ave. She will use powerpoint, photos and items handed down in her family to also tell the story of her parents, CPT James Brill and LT Mary Peck Brill.

After World War II they began a medical practice in Randolph. “The Brills of Jamestown” will be the subject of a special Brown Bag Lunchtime talk Wednesday presented by the Fenton History Center’s Vets Finding Vets program.

Kandace Brill Lombart born in Jamestown is the oldest daughter of Dr. James R. Brill, also born in Jamestown in 1917. Her father, a graduate of the University at Buffalo Medical School, was a U.S. Army Medical Corps officer in the CBI theatre (1944-46), and her talk focuses on this Jamestown native’s commitment to the medical profession during World War II.

From his city of birth to his army experiences half-way around the globe into the Burmese jungles, then to Shanghai as one of the last Americans to leave the city, he returned to the Southern Tier with his young bride in 1946 to establish a family medical practice in Randolph.

She completed her doctorate at SUNY Buffalo under Leslie A. Fiedler, and has presented her literary research at international conferences in Salzburg, Glasgow, Paris, to name but a few. She continues her archival research in France on the Dominican Monastery of St. Louis de Poissy, where Christine de Pizan, the first woman writer to earn her living with her pen, lived the last decade of her life. Kandace is compiling American poet Ruth Stone’s bibliography, and, in relation to the Brills’ family history, is working on a book entitled “Letters of Protection.”

Kandace recently spoke with Veterans at Fenton Canteen, a coffee for veterans of all ages, and was especially surprised to discover that WWII Veteran Omer Post knew her father and mother well.