Board Fills Vacancies In Clymer

CLYMER — The Clymer Central School District took steps to close the gap involving vacant staff positions.

The Clymer Board of Education approved several appointments at its recent board meeting upgrading its staff positions before the upcoming school year begins.

On July 30, the board appointed Corey Markham as the new principal and director of special education after the position was impending vacancy.

“We’re really excited about the potential that Mr. Markham has,” Bailey said at the time. “He certainly seems like he is going to fit in here.”

On Monday, the district continued its efforts to restructure its staff.

Michelle Hodge and Jeness Legters were approved as teacher aides and Nancie Miller, Deana Cowley and Sharon Gilkinson were approved as substitutes. Mike Rimdzius was approved as a long-term substitute as the chemistry and physics teacher — a position that was previously left vacant.

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The district still has two vacancies left, including a school psychologist and a physical therapy position. Bailey said those positions would be filled through contracting with Erie-2 BOCES.

Bailey told The Post-Journal that BOCES had committed to providing a physical therapist for the 2018-19 school year, but has not yet agreed to contracting a school psychologist.

“We don’t have confirmation back from BOCES yet,” he said.

Bailey said BOCES had not hired their own school psychologist yet . He said the district would be updated by BOCES when one is hired. He predicted the district will know further details early next week.

Another vacancy the district is currently attempting to fill is an elementary teacher position. The superintendent said interviews are taking place next week and noted that the district hopes “to have them appointed at the Aug. 27 board meeting.”

In other news, the board of education approved a student chorus field trip to New York City. The chorus ensemble will serve as the opening act for the New York City Annual Radio City Music Hall Spectacular on Dec. 15.

“That’s a big opportunity for them,” Bailey said.