Everyone Has A Story To Tell

MAPLE SPRINGS – Ever hear about the Maple Springs murder? No, not actually a murder, but the cozy mystery book series detailing a fictional murder in the hamlet of Maple Springs is officially receiving a sequel.

Tonight, Bob Terreberry will be celebrating the release of his second authored book in his cozy murder mystery series he has been masterminding. The new book, “Reunion at Maple Springs,” is the second installment following the release of “Murder at Maple Springs” two years ago.

“Everyone has a story,” Terreberry told The Post-Journal outside his house a week before to the book’s release.

For Terreberry, his story has thus far materialized into a cozy mystery book series.

The book launch party is scheduled for today at Bemus Point Library at 6:30 p.m. The evening’s sponsor, Carrie Wolfgang of the Novel Destination-Used Book Emporium, will host the book launch party.

Both books are set within Maple Springs, but with a fictional twist. The characters are fictional but are based loosely on individuals in the community and various people Terreberry has met. Typically, in a cozy mystery series the books occur in the same setting. Terrberry decided on his home hamlet of Maple Springs as the setting for his series.

The main characters Colin and Vonny O’Brien – loosely based on Terreberry and his wife, Irene – are again thrown into a murder mystery when Colin is visited by his uncle. The book takes place five years after the events of the first installment.

Terreberry said participating in theater throughout his life, where he frequently thought about storylines, contributed to his post-retirement writing career. In addition, as a child, Terreberry said he was always writing short stories – though he admitted the majority of his early writings as a child ripped off other stories he had read such as “Lassie Come-Home.”

“I’ve always written,” he said. “Whether it was short stories or letters to the editor or plays for kids. But I’ve always wanted to write a book.”

Inspired by a murder mystery party at a fundraiser, the retired teacher was ready to write his first book. After receiving positive feedback and selling over 600 copies of “Murder at Maple Springs,” Terreberry decided to continue the story with “Reunion at Maple Springs.” The reunion, as readers will find out, involves a literal reunion between the protagonist Colin O’Brien and his uncle.

The book is published by No Frills Buffalo. The book will be available on amazon.com, Novel Destination-Used Book Emporium, Off The Beaten Path Bookstore and other local shops in the area. The launch party will serve light refreshments and provide “white elephant” gift bags for select winners.

Throughout the writing process, Terreberry admitted to the difficulty of keeping track of all the characters in both books. He said he designed a calendar to plot the movements and appointments of each of his characters in order to maintain an accurate timeline.

“For awhile there, I didn’t know what was fiction and what was real,” Terreberry said of using his home as the actual setting for his books.

On the cover of the new book features a drawing of Terreberry’s actual home illustrated by Kathy Cherry. Cherry also provided a map of Maple Springs to help guide readers as they mentally explore the area.

Terreberry said he doesn’t want to write a traditional trilogy and favors writing a longer four-part series. He already has an idea for the third installment, but said he wants to draw ideas from those who have read the first two books.

“I’m just in it for laughs and to make my money back,” Terrberry said laughing.

As for the books he has written so far, he describes them as being “color.”

“I’m just making color in the story,” he said.