Children, Adults Discuss City Park Playground

Play experts at Love Elementary School draw the type of playground equipment they would like to see at the new Chadakoin Park playground. Meetings with children and adults were held Tuesday to assist in designing the new playground, which will be constructed Aug. 25. Around 300 volunteers are needed to construction the playground. P-J photo by Dennis Phillips

The play experts at Love Elementary School had a very important task to complete earlier this week.

Along with playing a challenging game of Simon Says with Jacob Stachler, KaBoom senior project manager, the children were asked to help KaBoom officials design the future playground at Chadakoin Park. A meeting was also held with adults to ask them what they would like to see at the park and to find volunteers for the playground build day. The build day will be held Aug. 25 and more than 300 volunteers will be needed to construct the playground, Stachler said.

Last month, Sam Teresi, Jamestown mayor, announced that KaBoom Inc. will be building the new playground for the city. The grant of a $200,000 is being funded by the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation as part of its Built To Play initiative.

Teresi said grant application plans were started when Ben Frasier of Parkitects Inc. called John Williams, city parks manager, about the possibility of the city and the Northside Community Chadakoin Playground Park Committee receiving the KaBoom grant. Frasier has been working with city officials and Chadakoin Park community resident, since 2015 on plans for a new playground at the park located along Washington Street. The mayor thanked the city staff and the community residents who did all the work necessary in a short period of time in order to be awarded the grant from KaBoom.

The new playground will be the largest in the city, Teresi said. The new playground equipment will also be American With Disabilities Act accessible. Teresi said this will be the 10th community playground built in the city during the last 21 years, including the second time a new one will be built at Chadakoin Park. The other park locations where community playgrounds have been constructed includes Dow, Allen, Bergman, Roseland, Lillian Dickson, McCrea Point, Steele Street and Johnson Street.

Elements from the drawings children made Tuesday will be incorporated into design options for the playground. The community will then choose the final design of the playground.