Arkwright Board, Wind Company Conflicted Over Road Repairs

Pictured are blades to wind turbines in Buffalo that will later find its home in Arkwright. The New York State Department of Transportation said that there will be up to four convoys of wind turbine deliveries starting today to June 12.

ARKWRIGHT — Brainard and Miller roads are still a top concern for the town as the Arkwright Summit Wind Farm project is nearing completion. However, EDP Renewables and the board have a disagreement on how the roads should be restored with Mark Morris saying, “I am not putting in more money in that road.”

Morris is a representative for EDP and has been working in Arkwright with his deadline being July. He was stating that the board has its right to fix the roadway the way it pleases. The fix will allegedly come when the surface dries up more and the town will utilize EDP’s originally agreed upon money to make it driveable — not that EDP will fix the road itself.

“I have already overextended my budget on that road and still extending my money on that road every day,” Morris said.

The current status of Brainard Road didn’t settle well with residents in the area. Resident Bruce Roll said at the meeting that the larger rocks that are being placed are not creating a smooth drive. Roll lifted a rock that covered his face saying that this was on Brainard.

Town Supervisor Fred “Nick” Norton said that the agreement was for EDP to fix the road and return it back to what it was.

“If I put the road back to the way it was and originally,” Morris began, “I would have to rip up all the rock and take it all back and let it go back to being a mud road. I have fixed the road. I have put base on the road. I have put 6 to 8 inches of rock on the road, which has improved it 100 percent from what the original road was.

“When we decided to do this and I put all the base rock down, you guys were going to finish the road when it dries up in the spring time.”

Town Councilman Roger Cardot added that the current status is problematic, especially for the winter seasons that the area faces.

“With stone, that road is not plowable,” Cardot said. “We had a plowable surface prior to you going on that road.”

Morris quickly replied, “You had a mud road, is what you had.”

“It worked good for us,” Cardot said.

Shortly thereafter, the board agreed to adjournment for the next meeting on May 14 at the town hall.

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BUFFALO — Beginning today through June 12, the New York State Department of Transportation says there will be up to four convoys travelling through Buffalo, down Interstate 219 to Interstate 86 and then up Route 60 to Route 39 to get to Arkwright’s Center Road. The convoys will travel those roads and more between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. with New York State Police temporarily stoppig traffic, where needed.


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