Capital Project Approved For Fredonia School District

FREDONIA — The proposed $8.5 million capital project for Fredonia Central School District passed by a 297-144 vote.

“I am very excited,” said Fredonia Superintendent Jeffrey Sortisio. “I am grateful to the stakeholders, they voted for the project. The project is for the health, safety and maintenance of our facilities. I am excited to be taking the next steps for improvements around here.”

The project is set to begin 2019 and has no local tax impact as 95 percent will be eligible for state funding.

Improvements will go toward maintenance, parking lots, athletic fields and school buildings.

For the athletic fields, there will be drainage work to eliminate flooding issues with asphalt walkways connecting the parking lots to the fields. There will also be a bathroom facility at the building.

The gymnasium will receive new bleachers in the high school and the installation of a girl’s team room, which was a Title IX issue.

At the Wheelock school, two parts of the roof will be replaced that were constructed in 1983 and 1950 (the latter received maintenance in the 1980s).

The project is projected to go out to bid near February 2019 and begin around that spring or summer.


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