Year Of The Rooster Stones Tournament Highlights Local Goods, Games And Fun

John Fisk, Enchanted Mountain Spirits co-owner, creates the smoke for a “Smoke on the Water,” one of the distillery’s inventive new drinks made with applewood smoke, their own Knockboy Poteen, homemade barley-orange syrup and barley orange water. P-J photo by Katrina Fuller

It would be almost impossible to find a more locally-focused event than Saturday’s Year of the Rooster ColdCock Winter Tournament.

The event, held at Enchanted Mountain Spirits in a partnership with the Stones Throwing Association, offered local spirits and beer in a local distillery while playing a game that was created in Bemus Point. Most of the participants were also from the local area, however, a few did come in from other areas.

Stones Throwing Association Co-founder Matthew Brewster said the association enjoys keeping its events and products locally sourced. From the bags made to carry the special “stones” or balls made for the game to the T-shirts they get printed, the association prides itself on buying local. Stones is a game that incorporates elements of bocce ball and golf, complete with a “course” with obstacles. Each segment of the course is broken down into a “stretch” or play area where the “stones” are thrown.

When the idea for a tournament came up, Brewster said Enchanted Mountain Spirits seemed like the right spot to host the event.

“We decided to partner up with a local business to have a tour,” he said.

The tournament also lined up with the first day of the Chinese New  Year, which begins the Year of the Rooster. Brewster said this is significant because the mascot of the association is a rooster.

The tournament featured a few outdoor rounds on an outdoor Stones course, and finished on a newly-created indoor stretch for the game. Brewster said the stretch will remain permanently for those who want to play.

The team who took first place received two bottles of Enchanted Mountain Spirits, and two Stones winter beanies while the second place team received two Enchanted Mountain Spirits rocks glasses and two Stones winter beanies. Both winning teams were invited to play in the 2017 Stones World Championships.

John Fisk, Enchanted Mountain Spirits co-owner, said the establishment was thrilled to host the event. He said the call came in from the Stones Thowing Association regarding the event, and the distillery agreed, even offering up space to place the permanent indoor Stones stretch.

During the event, Fisk and co-owner Mick O’Neil served hand-crafted specialty drinks such as “Smoke on the Water,” which contains their own Knockboy Poteen, an un-aged potato spirit made from O’Neil’s family recipe that has been passed down for generations.

The drink is unique due to the infusion of cherry-wood smoke in the drink which is combined with the liquor, homemade barley-orange syrup and barley-orange water. Another special offered was the hot mint chocolate which features Knockboy Poteen, Peterson’s Corn Crib Candies dark chocolate and mint meltaways, heavy cream, whole milk, a Peterson’s candy cane, and whip cream.

The distillery is also newly offering Bemus Brewhouse beers, Fisk said. Overall, the distillery is in the business of bringing unique beverages to the public in a fun atmosphere, he said.

“We tend to have a good time, and hopefully, people will come have a good time with us,” Fisk said.

The distillery is open on Fridays from 4-8 p.m. and Saturdays from 3-9 p.m. However, Fisk said that is open to change, depending on public interest.

“Right now we are looking for where we fit,” he said. “We’re open to any suggestions.”

For more information on Enchanted Mountain Spirits, visit www.enchantedmountainspirits.com. For more information on the game of Stones or the Stones Throwing Association, visit stonesthrowing.com.


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