Rabb Re-Elected Council President

Jamestown City Council will see some changes in 2014, and will also remain the same.

On Monday, the inauguration ceremonies were held in City Council chambers, with two new members being added to the nine-person group. Brent Sheldon, Ward 1, and Tamara Dickey, Ward 3, were added to the council replacing Stephen Szwejbka and Michael Taylor. Szwejbka, who represented Ward 1, and Taylor, who represented Ward 3, both said they had served on the council for the last eight years. Szwejbak, who also served 21 years on the city’s police force, said he has been honored to represent the people of Jamestown in both capacities.

”It truly was a privileged,” he said.

Both Szwejbka and Taylor asked council members to continue serving with the best interest of city residents as their main focus.

”It has been a blessing and honor to serve for eight years … for that I’m grateful,” Taylor said. ”Keep the community No. 1 in your hearts.”

After the swearing in of the new members, the council re-elected Gregory Rabb as City Council president. Rabb, At-Large, has been president of the group since being first elected in 2008. Rabb shared two remarks once as the outgoing president and the second time as the re-elected president during the meeting. In his first remarks, Rabb said he was approached during a picnic by a woman who thanked him for getting goals accomplished for city residents. Rabb said he had to remark to the woman he is just one of nine councilors.

”We are a city council who gets things done,” Rabb said. ”I want to thank this City Council and everyone on it, especially our committee chairs, for getting things done, especially two difficult consensus budgets working with our mayor (Sam Teresi) and his department heads.”

Rabb said even with both Democratic and Republican members on the group, the council works together in a non-partisan matter.

”That gets checked at the door every Monday night when we meet and we all put Jamestown before everything else,” he said.

Rabb in his speech as re-elected president said he is glad to be part of a group who works toward improving the future for Jamestown.

”I believe I speak for all of us when I say I am and we are all here because we believe in the future of Jamestown,” he said. ”Believe in the future of Jamestown. Bring forth the strong ideas. And work together with each other and in partnership with the public and private sectors to bring about the future we all want.”


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