Program Provides Holiday Meals To Those In Need

Snell Family Foundation volunteers (left) Justin Snell and Jeremy Snell load boxes of Bob Evans Thanksgiving Feasts into Justin Snell’s vehicle Thursday morning during the Warren County School District’s KIN Fund Thanksgiving event. The KIN Fund team distributed and delivered 50 Bob Evans Thanksgiving meals to families in need. Photo by Brian Ferry

WARREN, Pa. — There were 50 families in Warren County who had a little more to be thankful for on Thursday.

The Kids In Need (KIN) Fund Thanksgiving event purchases and delivers Thanksgiving meals to families that need them.

“The KIN Fund puts together the Thanksgiving event to provide meals for families suffering from homelessness, unaccompanied youth, and families in need,” Warren County School District Director of Pupil Services Dr. Patricia Mead said Thursday morning.

Bob Evans created 50 Thanksgiving Feasts of various sizes for the effort.

“We have a Thanksgiving feast that feeds up to four, one that feeds up to eight, and one for 10 to 12,” Chad Goodwin of Bob Evans said. “Turkey ham, all the trimmings, down to the dessert.”

“They have everything for Thanksgiving,” General Manager Lynn Vermilya said.

Boxes full of those meals were loaded into a truck parked in the parking lot.

Volunteers from the district and from the Snell Family Foundation did the loading and driving.

Every few minutes between 8:20 and 9 a.m., a different vehicle drove up to Bob Evans, met with the KIN Fund and Bob Evans personnel, loaded boxes and received directions for where to take what.

The Thanksgiving event was supported by individual and groups in the district and community, as well as the Snell Family Foundation and the Community Foundation of Warren County.

The Snell Family Foundation contributed $1,800 to the event, Mead said. “Some of the schools and some individual sponsors contributed to the support the effort.”

Schools holding KIN Fund Thanksgiving drives were Warren Area Elementary Center, Youngsville Elementary School, and Warren County Career Center.“Our next effort is the KIN Fund Angel Tree,” Mead said. “We have 140 individuals who will be sponsored through the KIN Fund Angel Tree.”

Donations to the KIN Fund may be made through the Community Foundation, care of KIN Fund.


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