Complaints Received Of Vehicle ‘Gridlock’ Outside City Schools

Photo submitted by Shalyn Klinger

Gridlock caused by parents dropping off and picking up students at city schools is “completely unacceptable,” the Jamestown Police Department said in a lengthy message posted to Facebook on Wednesday.

The department said it has received an “unbelievable amount” of complaints at just about every school in the district.

“People are parking facing both directions on both sides of the streets — and then people are traveling both directions down the ‘middle lane’ causing a gridlock,” JPD said. “This is dangerous for vehicle traffic, emergency motor vehicle traffic (the Jamestown Fire Department fire trucks and ambulance can’t get through), and especially pedestrian traffic.”

The following streets and schools were noted as being problematic: Beechview Avenue for students attending Washington Middle School; Hotchkiss Street and Dearing Avenue for students attending C.C. Ring; Spring Street for students attending Samuel G Love Elementary School; Myrtle Street for students attending Fletcher Elementary School; Highland Avenue for students attending Lincoln Elementary School; and East Second Street for students attending Jamestown High School.

“We have tried educating parents and others who pick up and drop off children at the school,” JPD said. “Tickets will continue to be issued as this is completely unacceptable.”


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