Dunkirk Eyes Building Changes To Cut Costs

A shifting of students to different buildings is part of some consolidation and cost-cutting considerations by the Dunkirk City School District.

Board members on Tuesday discussed multiple options for financial stability in the coming years. By putting together an efficiency and effectiveness committee composed of school board members, faculty, administration and community members the district is weighing ideas being put forth from all points of view in hopes of achieving the best outcomes for the future of the district and its students.

“We’re spending more than we make,” district Superintendent Mike Mansfield began at a workshop for the Dunkirk Board of Education on Tuesday. “A lot has gone into that including the PILOT which is shrinking from the NRG plant and a flat state aid revenue for the last several years. The board is not looking to cut staff, but we have to do better for our students.”

One option being looked at is to reduce the district by one elementary building in hopes of generating revenue by renting or repurposing it. That would keep grade levels from kindergarten to three to allow room in the remaining elementary buildings.

Grades four and five would head to the middle school with grade six. Grades seven with eight would be moving to the high school, joining the upperclassmen.

This story will be updated in Thursday’s print edition.


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