(10:18 AM) Jamestown Public Schools Investigating Incident Caught On Video

The Jamestown Public Schools District said late Thursday it is aware of videos posted to social media “possibly attributed to our students.”

The videos, widely shared Thursday evening, purportedly shows several males engaging with another male, who appears to be crying at various times in the encounter. In one of the videos, the male is told to perform push ups while another counts and uses profanity.

In another video, at least one person is shown attempting to take the shirt off the male, who says “stop” several times.

Bret Apthorpe, district superintendent, released a statement this morning regarding the videos.

“Last night I was made aware of videos circulating on social media regarding students allegedly enrolled in our district. Jamestown Public Schools has a zero tolerance policy regarding the behavior displayed in the videos, whether it happens during the school day or after school hours,” said Bret Apthorpe, Jamestown Public Schools superintendent. “My job as superintendent is to investigate any incidents in our district and take swift and appropriate disciplinary action. As a district, we are not legally allowed to share details about individual student disciplinary actions. However, I can assure the community that any situation that includes bullying and harassment will result in suspensions and/or restorative practices such as counseling, bullying prevention classes and community service. I want to reassure the community that Jamestown Public Schools will never tolerate actions such as those seen in these videos, or any actions that violate our District Code of Conduct. We will always take immediate and stringent action when it comes to the safety of all students.”