(6 PM) Area Resident Promoting Contest To Bring Meteorologist To Love School

Love Elementary School is campaigning to win an online contest that can bring Buffalo-based Meteorologist Andy Parker and his weather machine to the school. Corie Maxson, Chautauqua County resident, is giving the school a hand by promoting the contest. Online voting ends today at noon. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

Samuel G. Love Elementary School is in the running to bring Buffalo-based Meteorologist Andy Parker and his weather machine to Jamestown.

Parker and TV station WKBW Buffalo’s voting competition allows communities to vote for specific schools to feature as the next recipient of the weather machine showcase. Most recently, Bemus Point Elementary School won the contest which saw Parker and company give a weather-related presentation in the gymnasium.

Chautauqua County resident Corie Maxson took it upon herself to help the Jamestown school promote itself to the surrounding community. Standing outside Love on Monday, Maxson wore two large, pink and green posters that read “Help Samuel G. Love Win.”

“I’m just a Chautauqua County resident trying to help out the school,” she said.

Stopping as many parents and guardians as she could to inform or remind them about the contest, Maxson handed out flyers just before students were dismissed in afternoon.

Maxson works for the county, often within Love, and was inspired by other local school districts like Bemus Point and the Southwestern Central School District, both of which previously won the contest.

At the time Monday, the Jamestown school was in second place. Maxson hoped that by promoting the contest, the school would see a boost in votes by noon Tuesday.

Maxson, having children experience the presentation at Southwestern, said the entire contest benefits the individual student.

“It’s so exciting to watch the kids’ faces when he announces the win and when he comes and brings the weather machine with him,” she said. “It teaches them a lot of skills too and brings the community together as well.”

Maxson said much of the presentation emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM, learning. In addition to education, she said the entire event inspires the young students through exploratory learning and discovery.

“They’re could be some future inventors in here,” she said pointing at Love Elementary School.

Individuals can vote by visiting wkbw.com/weather/weather-machine-voting. The community can also search on Google or Facebook by entering “Andy Parker weather machine” for more information.