(8:05 PM) New Taco Bell Location Coming To Lakewood

A Taco Bell restaurant is planned for development on Fairmount Avenue between Olive Garden and Ruby Tuesday. P-J photo by Eric Zavinski

LAKEWOOD — A new Taco Bell restaurant is tentatively planned for the empty lot between Olive Garden and Ruby Tuesday on Fairmount Avenue in Lakewood.

The Village Board unanimously agreed that the parcel should undergo a site plan review from the Village Planning Board in May. The call for development on Chautauqua Mall property was handled through village building inspector Jeffrey Swanson.

“Although the total square footage of the project is 2,600 feet, which is under the threshold for site plan review,” Swanson wrote, “I believe it is a significant enough project that it warrants site plan review.”

Plans were submitted and posted in the Anthony Caprino Municipal Building for meeting attendees to see a rough outline of the planned development.

It is currently unknown how this new Taco Bell location will affect the currently operating Taco Bell and KFC hybrid restaurant at 270 E. Fairmount Avenue. Chautauqua Mall has yet to share official comments.

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