Schutte Experience

In Saturday’s Election 2017 publication, Doug Schutte’s answer to the question “Have you previously held any other positions in local/county government and, if so, for what duration of time?” was listed as not applicable. While Schutte has not held elected office, he has served on the Lakewood Village Finance Committee for two years. His full response to the question was: “While I have not held an elected government position, I served on the Lakewood Village Finance Committee for almost two years. On that committee we analyzed the Lakewood budget in depth on a department-by-department basis and served as a “think tank” to explore opportunities for more efficient use of taxpayer dollars. Also, I served for the last year as treasurer of the Lakewood Community Development Corp., a 501c3 organization dedicated to sensible commercial development, investment and residential quality of life improvements in our village. Throughout my 25 years of living in Lakewood and the Jamestown area, I have worked in my profession as a financial advisor with residents and business owners as well as participated on numerous boards. The collective experience has given me a unique perspective on the needs and concerns of both area residents and business owners.”