Ingjald Lodge Members Celebrate Midsummer

Jason Higbee performed the Swedish and U.S. national anthems at the recent Ingjald Lodge Midsummer celebration.
Those attending the recent Ingjald Lodge Midsummer celebration are pictured dancing around the Maypole.
Rick Lundquist sounds the levelire (long horn) during the recent Midsummer celebration by the Ingjald Lodge.
Diane Sandy and Cheryl Ritch are pictured providing accompaniment for the Adult and Youth Thule dance teams.

A host of Scandinavian activities and food was enjoyed by Ingjald Lodge members and friends the first weekend in May.

Highlighting the activities was the decorating of the traditional Maypole with a large variety of multi-colored flowers celebrating a time of increased sunlight after a long dark winter.

Festivities began with the sound of an levelire (long-horn) played by Rick Lundquist and trumpeter Jason Higbee, who played both the Swedish national anthem and U.S. national anthem. The gaily decorated Maypole was carried around the Lake Park grounds by the Thule Dance Team members; after which they raised it into position. Everyone in attendance was encouraged to join in dancing around the Maypole.

There were special Scandinavian dance presentations by both the Adult Thule Dance Team and the Youth Thule Dance team. Music was provided by accordionist Don Sandy and violinist Cheryl Ritch. Linda Anderson was chairperson of the Midsummer Festival and was assisted by members of the Viking House Committee.

Special Scandinavian foods were served both Friday and Saturday nights. The fun Scandinavian weekend activities ended with the Viking herring and ham and eggs being offered.


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