Audubon Announces Photo Contest Judges

The Audubon Community Nature Center has announced the judges for its 2024 Nature Photography Contest, where Youth and Adults compete separately for $1,600 in prize money. You can participate by entering your photographs or voting on your favorites. Pictured is “Reflection” by Christopher Baker of Madison, Alabama, who received Honorable Mention in the 2023 Adult Plants category.

The Audubon Community Nature Center has identified the two judges who will choose the Adult and Youth winners in the categories of Wildlife, Scapes, and Macros and Close-up Details in the 2024 Nature Photography Contest.

All winners receive a $200 cash prize. Three honorable mentions will also be named in each category.

Two additional $200 cash prizes are awarded for the Adult and Youth photos receiving the most Community Choice votes online. A photo could receive both the Community Choice and a judged award.

Full details of the competition are at GoGoPhotoContest.com/ACNCPhotoContest2023, where you can submit photos and see previous contest winners and honorable mentions.

Judging the entries will be Sandra Rothenberg and Mark Evans. In addition to decades of experience in photography and multiple exhibitions, both have been recognized for their work and had it published. Details of their backgrounds can be found on the Judges page on the competition website.

Rothenberg and Evans will choose the Adult and Youth winners as well as three honorable mentions in the categories of Wildlife, Scapes, and Macros and Close-up Details. All winners receive a $200 cash prize.

In the Wildlife category, any wild animal is acceptable, including birds, mammals, fish, snails, insects, etc. Photographs of animals in captivity, such as pets, zoo residents, or rehab/education animals are not accepted.

In the Scapes category, you can submit your photo of landscapes, plantscapes, seascapes, weather, clouds, rainbow, mountains, ponds, or any view that you find beautiful.

For the category of Macros and Close-up Details, you don’t need a macro lens to get an amazing close-up shot. This category is not just for close-up shots of small things, but also for close-up details of large things, like an animal’s eye or a detail on a fossil.

ACNC will print the winning photographs to exhibit in the Nature Center. Winning and honorable mention photographs will be displayed on the contest website and announced in a widely distributed news release.

Not a photographer? You can participate in the contest by voting for your favorite entries.

Full details of the competition are at GoGoPhotoContest.com/ACNCPhotoContest2024, where you can submit photos, vote on entries, and see the 2022 and 2023 contest winners.

The sooner photographs are submitted, the longer the public can vote for them for the Community Choice awards. Photographers are reminded to encourage friends and family to vote for their photo(s). All the social media buttons are right there for postings.

Deadline for submissions is Sunday, July 7, 2024.


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