CLCS Names February Students Of The Month

Chautauqua Lake Central School Students of the Month for February are pictured.

Students of the Month at Chautauqua Lake Central School honored for January achievements are Tala Abuhmeidan, Kenadie Wilson, Lillian Schenk, Kendra Tarr, Elizabeth Parker and Chloe Barrett.

The student recognition program honors students in seventh through 12th grades whose classroom performance, attitude toward learning, work ethic, and extra-curricular activities set them apart.

Senior Tala Abuhmeidan is the daughter of Hourieh Khalil of Mayville. She is enjoying her art and Creative Writing classes the most this year. Tala competed on the varsity track team as a sophomore. Known for her beautiful artwork, Tala won the county grand prize as a junior for a contest sponsored by the Chautauqua Alcohol and Substance Abuse Council. Outside of school, Tala enjoys art and reading. One person in history that she admires is Marie Antoinette because, “I imagine it would be incredibly difficult to be queen at a time where women were hardly respected. Not only that, but she was Austrian which made the French people distrust her even more. She was so young when she was wed to King Louis and she really had no power at all but she was blamed for all of the King’s mistakes. She was France’s scapegoat. Although she wasn’t entirely innocent, she did what a woman could do.” Tala also stated that she would like to be like to be Walker Scobell for a day “because it would be fun to play Percy Jackson in the TV series.” Tala’s future plans include attending JCC before transferring to Buffalo State to pursue a degree in art education; she plans on becoming an art teacher.

Kenadie Wilson, a junior, is the daughter of Matthew Wilson of Dewittville and Kimberly Meleen of Mayville. This year she is enjoying Mr. Cowan’s Trigonometry/ Precalculus class the most. Kenadie has competed on the swim team (seventh grade), soccer team (eighth and ninth grade), basketball team (ninth grade) and tennis team (eleventh grade). She is a leader in the school, participating in a variety of clubs. She has won many academic awards and is consistently on the high honor roll. In her spare time outside of school, Kenadie enjoys baking, camping, and going to the beach. Kenadie admires Amelia Earhart because “she fought hard to go against social standards and be successful in flight without giving up.” If she could be another person for a day, Kenadie would choose to be Mr. Reyda because “I would love to see what it is like to know what is going on in his mind while teaching and so I can actually understand physics for a day.” Kenadie’s future plans are undecided.

Sophomore Lillian Schenk is the daughter of Lauren and Jeremy Schenk of Ashville. She is enjoying chorus and Pre-Calculus the most this year. Lilly has competed on the swim team and the track teams since eighth grade. She has also performed in the school musicals every year since seventh grade. She has consistently been on the honor roll. Outside of school, Lilly enjoys reading and writing. Lilly also admires Amelia Earhart because “she didn’t let anything, including fear, get in her way.” If she could be another person for the day, she would choose her parents so she can see the world from their perspective. After high school, Lilly plans on obtaining a college degree in art.

Kendra Tarr, a freshman, is the daughter of Erik and Jen Tarr of Mayville. This year, her favorite classes are art, math and gym. Kendra is a triple-sports player, competing on the soccer, basketball, and softball teams since seventh grade. Outside of school, she enjoys sports, running, hanging out with friends, and shopping. Kendra most admires her mother because she, too, played basketball and softball when she was younger. If she could be someone else for the day, Kendra would choose Kaitlyn Clark because “she is a good basketball player.” Kendra’s future plans include going to college for cosmetology and “maybe something to do with sports.”

Eighth grader Elizabeth Parker is the daughter of Kristin and Kevin Parker of Dewittville. She is enjoying her art, science, gym and math classes the most this year. Liz competed on the bowling team this year, earning an award for her performance. Outside of school, she enjoys drawing, going outside, listening to music, and hanging out with cats. In history, Liz most admires Susan B. Anthony because she “fought for women’s rights.” If she could be another person for a day, she would choose one of her teachers because she wants “to feel what it’s like to be a teacher.” Liz’s future plans include obtaining “a good-paying job, getting a house, and adopting some cats.”

Chloe Barrett, a seventh grader, is the daughter of Luis Mario and Angela Ducuara of Mayville. This year, Chloe is enjoying Spanish and math classes the most. She participates in Chess Club and she plays on the softball team. She has been on the honor roll this year. Outside of school, Chloe likes to color, snowboard, and bake and cook with her mom. The person in history that she most admires is Abraham Lincoln because “he was an honest leader of our country and put an end to slavery.” If she could be another person for a day, she would choose to be Beyonce because “she’s a famous singer and songwriter.” Her future plans include attending cosmetology school to learn how to do hair and nails.

Teacher Tara Reyda coordinates the secondary school Student of the Month recognition program with the help of a selection committee, which includes teachers Michelle Rowe and Stephanie Janicki.


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