Amish Owned Pizza Business Has Opened In Panama

Family Night Pizza, owned by the Miller family, is a new Amish owned pizza place, located in Panama. They are open every week from Wednesday to Saturday. P-J photos by Sara Holthouse

PANAMA — An Amish family hoping to promote the once traditional “family meal” has opened a pizza shop in the village.

Family Night Pizza, owned by Dorothy Miller and her family, is located at 8 W. Main St. The pizza shop officially opened on Oct 14 last year.

Miller said the name Family Night Pizza came from her family having their own family night once a week.

“We have family night for our kids once a week and it has made such a huge difference in our family’s closeness,” Miller said. “It teaches our kids to speak their own minds. Each week, we have a topic and the kids get a chance to speak up. It’s made a huge difference for us. The ability to pray together and bless each other is huge for us. I don’t know who first suggested the name for our shop, but when it was suggested it was unanimous.”

Additionally, Miller said they decided to open a pizza place because the entire family loves pizza and they wanted a business where all of the children could be involved.

The inside of Family Night Pizza, where customers can come in to collect their orders and see the specials, including the soup of the week.

Another focus for the Miller family is the idea of bringing the family meal back into focus.

“As an Amish family we still have to work to get the kids to come to the table,” Miller said. “This is challenging, especially with teenagers. We want to show that together as a family we are able to bless people.”

Miller added that they hoped to be able to bring another food service to Panama that provides a clean and wholesome environment. She said that even with the business, the family has struggles just like any other.

“We don’t want to give off the vibe that we have it all together, or that we are the perfect family,” Miller said. “We work and fight for this family and to keep our moral values and be open and honest with each other. Sometimes it is work to simply like each other. But, with the grace of God we will always keep working on it and work to draw us together.”

They are open on Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and offer a variety of food, though their main focus is pizza and chicken wings. Their menu includes rectangle party pizzas, medium and large personal pizzas, boneless and regular wings, with sauces that include hot, medium, mild, barbecue, honey mustard, dry ranch, dry cajun, garlic parmesan and teriyaki.

The board in the shape of a flower that hangs on the right wall of Family Night Pizza, portraying the names of all of the family’s children.

Family Night Pizza also offers baked and cold subs, a fajita wrap — which Miller said is becoming popular — three different types of salads, frozen cheesecake, a fruit pizza — which serves as a cold desert — the soup of the week, mozzarella cheese sticks, breadsticks and garlic bread. Everything is available through ordering.

To order from Family Night Pizza, call 716-621-4030.


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