County Board Of Elections Note Change For Special Election

The landscape of elections is ever-changing and it has changed once again — and a deadline of Thursday is nearing.

Hon. Patrick F. McAllister, Supreme Court Justice has ordered, as part of the Harkenrider vs Hochul court case that moved State Senate and Congressional Primaries to Aug. 23 that all changes of enrollment will need to be held in a pending status to “preserve the sanctity of the New York state’s long recognized blackout period before a primary election.”

The court order states that all changes of enrollment received between Aug. 12 and 30 will take effect on Aug. 30. Therefore, the last day for the voter to change their enrollment to be eligible to vote in the Aug. 11 Republican Primary is Thursday. Registrations must be received by the Board of Elections on Aug. 11, the date is not a postmark date for mailing applications.

“Republican voters will receive two different ballots,” notes Commissioner Brian C. Abram. “One ballot for the Special Election and one ballot for the Primary Election. These elections have separate eligibilities and have separate deadlines, so we had to create two separate ballots.”

“All other voters will only receive one ballot, “ added Commissioner Luz E. Torres.

For voters who wish to change their enrollment via the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles MotorVoter portal, the change must be submitted one day earlier — on Wednesday. This is because there is a one day delay in the Board of Elections receiving information from the DMV.

“The DMV MotorVoter portal will transmit August 10’s information to us on the 11th. Therefore, anything submitted via MotorVoter on the 11th will not be received timely and will be placed in a pending state,” Torres said.


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