Westfield Fund Extends Grant Program, Accepting Applications

The Westfield Fund, a donor advised fund of the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation, has extended its grants program.

The Westfield Grants Committee will be accepting grant applications until Oct. 1. Charitable programs and organizations within the Westfield community are invited to apply.

Priority will be given to grant requests that demonstrate the following:

¯ The potential impact and number of people who will benefit from the grant;

¯ An innovative, efficient approach to serving community needs;

¯ Assistance for citizens whose needs are not being met by existing programs or services;

¯ Cooperation with other agencies in the community to encourage the efficient use of community resources and the elimination of duplicated services; and

¯ Promotion of volunteer participation and citizen involvement.

Applicants who are chosen to receive a grant will be required to submit proof of funding use, including a financial accounting record, upon completion of the project.

The Westfield Fund grant application and funding guidelines can be found at NCCFoundation.org/grants-programs. Grant decisions will be announced by Dec. 1. For more information, call Eileen Ardillo at 366-4892 or email eardillo@nccfoundation.org.


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