UUCJ’s Giving Garden Supports Mobile Market

Radishes are already popping out of the ground in the Giving Garden behind the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Jamestown.

A project of the congregation’s Social Justice Committee, the Giving Garden Team is raising kale, peas, radishes, dill, beets, Bright Lights Swiss chard, cilantro, fennel, Egyptian walking onions, chives, Bronze fennel, oregano, and sweet marjoram.

The vegetables and herbs will all be donated to the Jamestown Mobile Market to provide their customers with healthy, colorful, tasty and nutrition-rich options to buy and use in cooking with their families.

Linnea Carlson, a member of the congregation, is director of the Jamestown Public Market and Mobile Market, under the umbrella of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

Master Gardener Janet Forbes leads the Giving Garden Team that includes Bruce Anderson, Alan Brown, Anne Watkins, and David Winner.

Much of the water for the garden is supplied by runoff from the roof, collected in a rain barrel. Brown and Forbes also made a two-bin compost system that will create robust, healthy, organic soil for their garden.

Unitarian Universalist congregations affirm and promote seven Principles, as strong values and moral guides. The Giving Garden supports the seventh UU principle, “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”

To learn more about the Jamestown Public Market and Mobile Market, visit JtownPublicMarket.org and their Facebook page.

Located at 1255 Prendergast Avenue, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Jamestown is a progressive, liberal religious community serving the southern tier of Western New York and Warren County, Pa. More information about the UUCJ at UUJamestown.org and on their Facebook page, Facebook.com/JamestownUU.


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