DMVs Return To Full Walk-In Service May 17

Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore announced Friday that starting on Monday, May 17, all transactions at the three Department of Motor Vehicles offices will be available for walk-in service.

Persons requiring permit or CDL testing will no longer have to make an appointment. The following rules will be in effect at all offices.

¯ All persons will wait outside of the office until instructed to enter.

¯ All persons will social distance and wear a mask at all times.

¯ Only the person making the transaction is allowed in the building.

¯ No children are allowed in the building other than for permit testing.

¯ A parent may accompany a child taking a permit test as required by New York state.

¯ Dealers may bring a maximum of three transactions needing plates

¯ Dealer transactions not needing plates will be left in the drop box.

Many people liked the appointment system, so one representative at each office will be available to take appointments for any transaction.

The appointment system will be ready for use sometime on Friday.

“Appointments can be made on the Chautauqua County DMV website,” Barmore said. “At this time, we are only serving Chautauqua County residents. As soon as we are caught up on our workload, and the Covid numbers get a little lower, we will open to people from other areas.


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