BPU Flushing Of Water Mains Rescheduled

The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities announced that the Falconer spring flushing of water mains has been rescheduled for Thursday and Friday of this week, instead of the traditional weekend flushing process.

The village flushing, normally performed on a Saturday night overnight into Sunday, will take place after 8 p.m. Thursday overnight into Friday. Flushing is expected to be completed by mid-day Friday.

The pre-flush normally conducted in Falconer on the Friday afternoon prior to flushing will take place beginning at 8 a.m. Thursday. This pre-flush may affect customers in the areas of Aldren, Mapleshade, Ralph and Valmeere.

Customers are reminded that the flushing process can be expected to create discolored water in Falconer and also on the north side of Jamestown.

The main precaution that customers may take during water main flushing is to check for discolored water before doing laundry and to avoid pulling water into your hot water tank. The BPU also suggests putting aside water for cooking or drinking a day or so ahead of the flushing day because the discolored water is safe but unappetizing in appearance.

Should discolored water enter the household, it can be expected to clear in 12 to 24 hours.

BPU water customers with questions concerning flushing should contact the Flushing Hotline at 661-1688 or BPU Communications at 661-1680. Flushing Frequently Asked Questions are posted on the jamestownbpu.com homepage Spotlights.


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