Jefferson Middle School Announces Students Of The Month

Jefferson Middle School has announced its January Students of the Month.

Jazzy Skinner is the eighth grade January Student of the Month. Jazzy is the daughter of Karen and James Fuller. In her free time she likes to play with baby dolls and Roblox. Jazzy likes to play basketball and would like to be a Paraprofessional someday.

Allison MacCallum is the seventh grade January Student of the Month. Allison is the daughter of Tiffany MacCallum. Allison likes to read, run and do art work. Her other activities are cross country, basketball and tennis. Allison’s career aspiration is to go to college and become a Therapist/other.

Isabella Melendez is the sixth grade January Student of the Month. Isabella is the daughter of Anne and Andres Melendez. Isabella likes to play outside and play basketball. Isabella’s career goal is to be a Teacher.

Sydney Conti is the fifth grade January Student of the Month. Sydney is the daughter of Rachel and Christopher Conti. Sydney likes to read and play outside. Her favorite activities are karate and violin. Sydney’s career goal is to be an Author.


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