Clymer Central School Announces Students Of Quarter


The Clymer Central School District recently announced its students of the second quarter.

The K-3 Student of the Second Quarter is second grader, Faith VanGiesen. She is the daughter of Jessica VanGiesen. Her favorite school activities are art and singing in music class. After school, she likes to play with her cousins outside. Some of her hobbies include playing soccer, reading, art and gardening. When Faith grows up, she would like to become a teacher. Zavon is her hero because, as Faith states, “He is nice. He is funny. He helps me with my homework and plays with me.” Faith was nominated and selected because she has has been such a great team player in class! She has been working hard to display her happiness in class and throughout the hallway! She can always make us laugh and works hard on her school work every day. Faith shows great Pirate Pride!.

The 4-6 Student of the Second Quarter is sixth grader, Victoria Messenger. She is the daughter of Jeffrey and Tiffany Messenger. Victoria’s favorite school activities are art and gym. When she gets home from school, she enjoys playing football with her brother. Her favorite hobbies include basketball, soccer, football and reading. Victoria wants to be a football player when she grows up. When asked who her hero is, she responded, “My teachers, because they taught me almost everything I know.” Victoria was nominated and selected because she has proven to be a hard worker in the classroom over the past several months. She has worked really hard in both science and social studies and scored at the top of the class in both subjects. In Science she worked very well with another student to engineer and design the tallest gingerbread structure ever built in 6th grade science.

The 7-9 Student of the Second Quarter is eighth grader, Evangeline Johnson. She is the daughter of Ron and Jenna Johnson. In school, she participates in FBLA, cross country, track and field and basketball. Eve volunteers for the 5 & 2 ministry and assists in planning for the Tulip Festival. She loves snowboarding, art, traveling and soccer. She is in advanced math and was an all-star for cross country. Eve plans to attend college and become a neurosurgeon. She was nominated and selected because she is taking an advanced math class for her grade. Not only does she strive to do her best but she also pushes others to demonstrate their math skills. She does this with her math vocab and asking important questions in class. Evangeline also strives to do her best on every problem she attempts, with this effort she will go far in school and in life.

The 10-12 Student of the Second Quarter is 11th grader, Jacob Murphy. He is the son Melissa Murphy Ranney and James Ranney. In school, he participates in High School Bowl, football, and Track and Field. Jacob is on the high honor roll, been invited to Future Physicians of America, class secretary and JV Pack Pride Award. His hobbies include miniature painting, Dungeons and Dragons and video games. Jacob plans to attend the University of Buffalo to obtain a Pre-Med degree before attending medical school to become a general or specialized surgeon. Jacob was nominated and selected because he is a very respectful, hardworking, student here at CCS. When faced with the challenge of shifting to a virtual Chemistry class, Jacob took the transition in stride, and has adapted well to having, both, a new teacher, and course layout. Jacob works hard in all of his classes, is willing to help his peers, and is a great kid to be around.


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