Alliance Achieves Funding Goal For 2021

The Chautauqua Lake and Watershed Management Alliance has secured $690,000 to implement its 2021 consolidated work plan for the care and maintenance of Chautauqua Lake and its watershed.

Funding is provided by The Lenna Foundation, the Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation and the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation, who continued their support of the alliance’s consolidated local funding process. The process, available exclusively to alliance members, works to identify, prioritize, and fund projects using a structured decision-making framework that balances a variety of management techniques, stakeholder priorities, and lake uses.

“We are extremely grateful for the financial support from the local foundations, and heartened by their continued support of our efforts to protect and enhance the health and usability of Chautauqua Lake,” said Pierre Chagnon, alliance board chairman.

The 2021 work plan will include a slate of projects and programs led by alliance member organizations. It maintains flexibility for adaptive lake maintenance as 2021 conditions emerge by utilizing a blend of mechanical and chemical (pending state DEC permits) aquatic plant management and near-shore clean-up techniques. Watershed projects and invasive species early detection teams will guard against storm water flooding, sediment and nutrient loading, and new invasive threats. Community education programs will engage and empower the public to protect Chautauqua Lake. A strategic expansion of data collection and research capacity will support better harmful algal bloom understanding and scenario modeling for decision making moving forward.

“I wish to recognize the generosity and community leadership of our foundation partners, the hard work of our staff and Board, and the dedication of our Members to a healthy Chautauqua Lake,” said Randall Perry, alliance executive director.


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