Author Releases 2nd Book

Kathleen Lombardo, a teacher at a K-12 public school and an instructor at a junior college, has completed her most recent book “Shamrock,” a gripping and potent true story for kids that tells the tale of Shamrock, a calf that cannot stand or walk, but with the help of those around her and the persistence of many allowed her to bravely push through the struggle.

“Shamrock, the Calf That Beats the Odds” is a true story about a little calf and the girl who refused to give up on her. Shamrock is born with a disability that makes her unable to walk. When the vet says Shamrock will never walk, Katie refuses to give up. And with the help of others and Shamrock’s determination, she overcomes the odds.

This piece of literature, published by Fulton Books, will teach children the value of determination and that a little of it will absolutely go a long way.


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