Clymer Central School Names ‘Pirate Pride’ Students Of First Quarter

Kelsie Jackson
Nash Jackson
Aurora Ordines
Emma Schurman

CLYMER — The Clymer Central School District recently announced its “Pirate Pride” students of the first quarter.

The K-3 student of the first quarter is kindergartener Nash Jackson. He is the son of Eric and Holly Jackson. His favorite school activity is playing outside on the playground. After school, he likes to play video games. “I like to play outside, play games, play with my toys and color.” Nash says, “I am really good at math.” He practices kindness at home by hugging his mom, dad, grandma, brother and sister. When Nash grows up, he would like to become a scientist. “Superman” is his hero because, as Nash says, “he is strong, fast and can shoot lasers out of his eyes.” Nash was nominated and selected because he exhibits qualities of excellence in kindergarten. He has positively influenced the Clymer Central School community through commitment, role model behavior and improvement in academics and leadership.

The fourth through sixth grades student of the first quarter is fifth grader Emma Schurman. She is the daughter Orry Schurman and Shayne Wickstrom. Emma’s favorite school activities are gym, art and reading. When she gets home from school, she enjoys playing outside and playing with her brother and sister. Her favorite hobbies are reading, writing and art. Emma says, “I am really good at sports and playing the flute.” She practices kindness at home by listening to what she is told and doing her chores. She would like to be a kindergarten teacher and hair stylist when she grows up. When asked who her hero is, she responded, “Dad, because he teaches me things that I have never done before and encourages me to do new things.”

The seventh through 10th grade student of the first quarter is 10th grader Aurora Ordines. She is the daughter of Amanda Covey and Scott Ordines. In school, she participates in Cross Country, basketball and track. In her community she participated in Teens on Fire, travel soccer and Erie Zoo Zoo Boo. Aurora’s awards include the honor roll and Presidential Physical Fitness Awards. She enjoys soccer, basketball, track, cross country and spending time with animals. Aurora would like to attend college and become a physical therapist. Aurora was nominated and selected because Aurora is ALWAYS respectful and compassionate toward her peers and teachers.

The senior student of the first quarter is Kelsie Jackson. She is the daughter of Molly and Doug Hotchkiss and Doug and Bethany Jackson. In school, she participates in National Honor Society. In her community she participates in Youth Group and volunteers at the community library. Her awards, recognitions and accomplishments include High Honor Roll. Kelsie’s hobbies include showing livestock at fairs and jackpot shows. Kelsie plans on attending Jamestown Community College for her first two years with a career goal to become an OB/GYN. Kelsie was nominated and selected because she is an excellent student and great member of the community.


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