Absolut Care Staff, Residents Celebrate St. Nicholas Day

Pictured is Cornelis Feenstra with therapy staff Amanda Roets, Michele Compton, Gwen Gleason, Karen Kaminski, Lisa Coudrey and Elizabeth Duga with a special St. Nicholas day treat.
Resident Geert Moes holds the goodies he received in honor of St. Nicholas Day.

The therapy team at Absolut Care of Westfield understands how important traditions are. That’s why they helped two former Holland residents relive their childhood memories of St. Nicholas Day by making them their own pair of Christmas shoes.

As tradition goes, on the evening of December 5th, children in Holland put their shoes next to the chimney and “Sinterklaas” or St. Nicholas places small toys, coins or candy in the shoes of “good children.” The day commemorates the life of St. Nicholas, a Christian saint who was popular among children because of his reputation as a bringer of gifts.


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