Healing Sound Bath Service To Be Held At St. Luke’s Friday

Jen Gantenbein is pictured at a healing gong bath meditation.

Building on the Wellness and Wholeness series it hosted last year, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church at 410 N. Main St. in Jamestown has partnered with Lotus Fire Healing Arts to create a special therapeutic and contemplative service of ancient prayer, incense and a healing gong bath meditation on Friday.

Since ancient times, music and sound vibration has fostered healing and played roles in spiritual and religious ceremonies. The sounds, created by various tools and instruments, bypass the mind and help facilitate a shift in brainwave states. The frequencies can release negative energy, reinstate calm, and ultimately move one toward wellness and mindfulness.

Participants say that the sounds and sensations lead to feelings of deep relaxation and experiences of letting go of anxiety and cluttered minds.

“After centering ourselves with ancient evening prayers and meditative music from the Christian tradition,” said The Rev. Luke Fodor, the church’s Rector. “We’re excited to invite local Kundalini yoga and meditation instructor and gong bath artist, Jen Gantenbein, to take us on a connective, spiritual journey of healing.”

Gantenbein, of Lotus Fire Healing Arts, moved to Jamestown in 2017 from Seattle, Wash., when she discovered the Jamestown area and within it, the ideal community to offer her well-honed healing work. She brought with her nearly 20 years of experience as a professional massage and Reiki practitioner, a gifted Spiritual Mentor, and an intuitive and compassionate teacher.

“It is my calling and passion to share the gifts of healing with others. Using the teachings and ancient practices of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound vibration and more, I help courageous, soul-diving individuals awaken from the illusion of separateness and smallness to ignite their own inherent power to create a purposeful, balanced, and fulfilling life. I believe these unique offerings of Spiritual Mentorship are sorely needed now, more than ever.”

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church invites everyone to connect with like-minded individuals in a welcoming environment to come and find a space for healing. Prayers will be centered in the Christian tradition, but this meditative service is non-doctrinal in nature. We will follow strict social distancing protocol and all attendees will be required to wear a mask for the entirety of their time in the building. While there is no cost to attend the service, a free-will offering will be taken to cover the cost of the gong bath artist.

For more information about the Evensong and Gong Bath or any of St. Luke’s other offerings, call the church office at 483-6405. Evensong and Gong Bath or any of St. Luke’s other offerings, call the church office at 483-6405. To learn more about Jen Gantenbein at Lotus Fire Healing Arts, find her on Facebook, visit jengantenbein.amtamembers.com or call 425-345-2779.


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