Jefferson Students Use Poem To Spread Positivity

Jefferson Middle School Student Council, Honor Society and other students decided to spread some positivity online with a video set to the poem “Dare to Be,” an inspirational poem by Steve Maraboli.

Jefferson Student Council co-presidents and siblings, Kenzie and Lincoln Carpenter, received a poem from their mom, Krista Leone. The siblings asked their peers to print a line from the poem to be set to music in a video for their school. The poem dares people to be the best they can be, even in trying times.

“Things are pretty chaotic right now and we thought that putting together the video might give some hope and positivity to our friends and school right now,” Kenzie said.

Kenzie and Lincoln asked Jefferson students to take a part of the poem and create signs. They compiled all the photos, used an app, added music and created the video. Their fellow students were happy to help.

“Kenzie messaged me and asked me if I would show part of the poem as a quote on the video,” said Jefferson Middle School eighth grader Maddie Messina. ” So, I basically did a little creative thing with it, wrote it on a poster, took a picture and sent it to them. I think the video turned out perfect.”


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