Area Resident Turns 105

Lutheran Jamestown resident Mary Allen Russo recently turned 105 years old. She celebrated with a “window” birthday party with family and friends. Submitted photos

Mary Allen Russo, residing at Lutheran Jamestown, recently turned 105 years old.

She celebrated the day with a festive “winddow” pandemic birthday party that included family and friends. A special thanks went to Renee Ransbury for going above and beyond to make it a memorable celebration for Russo and her guests.

Russo was an avid cook and baker, always entertaining family and friends with her large festive Italian dinner parties.

For many years, she was the owner of The Kinzua Inn in Kinzua, Pa.

Asked about the pandemic, Russo responded: “Oh, that darn flu. There’s always something.”

Of life’s challenges, she said, “Take it as it comes.”

Many have asked Russo her secret to longevity in life. She said she ate everything she wanted and never went on a diet, got a lot of exercise, especially during her youth when she would carry water for miles from the town well to supply the family’s needs.

She aslo noted that she never drank alcohol or smoked.


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