IMPACT Club Shifts Gears During Crisis

IMPACT Campus Fellowship has gone online during the coronavirus pandemic. Members have posted inspiring video messages that are shared with friends and family. Submitted photos

As thousands of students are engaged with on-line classes during the COVID-19 crisis, school clubs like IMPACT Campus Fellowship are engaging their students with weekly messages and interactive sharing thanks to social media.

Impact Campus Fellowship is a student-led club where students engage in spiritual and character formation in 44 schools throughout our region.

When the Rev. Daniel Soderberg, director of IMPACT, first heard that the schools were being shut down, his heart sank. “What’s going to happen with our students? How will they maintain their education? And how can they interact with their friends? We immediately met with our leaders to discuss how we could shift gears and stay connected with our students and faculty.”

Advisers and student-leaders immediately suggested “going underground” to the world of social media: Instagram and Facebook.

Each week, IMPACT students and advisers post several “IMPACT Underground” inspiring video messages which are shared with friends and family. The videos are only three to four minutes long, with stories and inspiring messages of hope from students and advisors.

“We had no idea who would view or listen to our messages,” Soderberg said.

“The first week we had 188 views or hits or followers of our three videos. The next week we had 428 views of the messages, and in week three we had 3,088 views. We don’t know exactly who is watching, but we know they’re being watched and shared. Impact had over 1,500 students who regularly attended IMPACT Club meetings in the schools. There are now more students attending via social media than ever before,” he added.

The IMPACT Instagram or Facebook page can be found at “Impact Campus Fellowship.”

To view the videos each week, like or follow them. For more information about IMPACT Campus Fellowship email Dans@zioncov.org or send mail to Impact CF, PO Box 31, Jamestown, NY 14701.


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