Colvenback Seek Re-Election As Ellington Highway Superintendent

ELLINGTON — Dennis Colvenback is running for re-election as Ellington highway superintendent in the Nov. 5 general election. Colvenback resides in the town of Ellington with his wife Sandy.

He is an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Air Force, having served as a military police officer in Vietnam. He successfully owned and operated a construction business for 30 years. He holds a current CDL class “A” license, which he has maintained for more than 40 years, enabling him to run the large trucks and equipment, while working alongside his crew.

Among Colvenback’s accomplishments are doing away with all of the gravel roads within the town. He has also built strong working relationships, or “shared services,” with neighboring towns, making it easier, faster and less expensive to complete projects.

Along with local recognition, he has also been recognized by the state comptroller for his cost effective, money-saving efficiency.

“I am committed to saving the taxpayers money, while at the same time making needed improvements,” he said.

Through savings, the town has been able to purchase some “much-need equipment, complete extra highway repairs, and make additional improvements also, without borrowing funds, or raising the highway’s budget,” he said.

Colvenback is endorsed by the Democratic, Independence, Working Families and Libertarian parties.


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