Canine Companion: Peanut Butter May Help With Dog’s Bath Time

Hey, guys, this week we are going to dive into something that’s necessary but a little silly at the same time — your dog’s bath.

Some dogs love bath time, but let’s face it, others aren’t too thrilled.

Here we go. You have your doggy shampoo ready. You have the towels waiting on the side of the tub next to where you’ll be. Everything is ready to go, but where’s your dog? Hmmm.

If your dog is one who isn’t a fan of the water, and instead is hiding somewhere so she doesn’t have to jump in, you aren’t alone.

But there is a catch… your dog still needs to get clean.

Cushions for Comfort

Like us, dogs may be deterred (against something) due to a sensory issue. For quite a few dogs, one of the most frightening feelings is the slippery bathtub floor. If you have ever slipped in the shower or fell in the tub, I am sure you can empathize here. It’s not exactly fun (although you may laugh afterwards).

So, here’s a tip. Before starting the bath, put a mat on the floor of the tub (or even a towel — it’s OK that it’s wet) to make your dog feel more secure. Once her paw pads hit that grippy surface, she may feel more at ease.

Treats Make

Everything Better

Snacks make everything better. Am I right? Make your dog ready to hop in that bathtub by smearing some peanut butter on the tub in front of where he will be standing. Dogs who enjoy snacks may focus more on making sure all the peanut butter has been licked off rather than worrying about you cleaning their body.

Soaps Are Strong

Think about how amazing that soap smells to you. It smells fantastic, right? To our dogs though, that smell could be overpowering. Remember, their sense of smell is much better than ours. If we can smell something and it smells strong to us, our dogs may severely dislike it. It’s just too much for them.

Instead, grab a gentle shampoo. Try unscented (or even lightly scented) shampoo that’s specifically designed for our dogs. And, by the way, never use human shampoo.


Water Perfection

I’m not sure about you, but before I hop in the shower, I fidget with the water temperature for a few minutes to make sure it’s exactly how I want it. I am a Mom though, so my shower time can sometimes feel like a trip to the Caribbean and I want everything to be soothing (Mama’s- I am sure you get this one). Anyway, back on point. Our dogs can be picky when it comes to water temperature. Your best bet is just a warm bath. Not too cold and not hot. Just warm.

The Groomer

If you’re too overwhelmed (and your dog is, too), you may want to consider bringing her to the groomer. Or, you can ask the groomer to come to you to teach you how to teach your dog bath time is OK.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. I hope all of you have an amazing weekend. Don’t forget to like my page at Facebook.com/specialistamberdrake for all the latest news and goodies. Until next time.


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