Chairs Donated To Falconer Park

Brian and Kay Nelson, owners of Falconer Vac Shop, made a donation to the village of Falconer for Davis Park. A chair set made of polywood from the pair’s store at 15 W. Main St. in Falconer was donated. “We appreciate the chairs donated to Davis Park,” said Mayor James Rensel. “It’s a great addition to those waiting for driver’s tests and other community events.” The mayor went on to commend the Nelsons, noting that “they have survived two tragic fires, one of which was his own building, and have kept their business vibrant and successful after the fires. They have been great assets to the community. Not only has Brian been a great business person, but he’s a former 25-year member of the Falconer Fire Department and he gives back to the community in many different ways.”

Submitted photo