Washington Students To Take Part In Ceremony

The United Veterans Council of Jamestown has asked students from Washington Middle School to participate in the Jamestown Memorial Day Parade and ceremony at Soldiers Circle in Lakeview Cemetery.

The students were selected by Theresa Olson, school counselor, to help with the Memorial Day parade and ceremony to help in the remembrance of our fallen veterans.

The Pledge of Allegiance will be started by Marley Drake, eighth grade and the daughter of Ben and Karen Drake of Jamestown.

Jeseniah Barber, daughter to David and the late Virgin Barber of Jamestown, will be reading “The Gettysburg Address.”

Lastly, Rylan Coombs, daughter to Joe and Shannon Coombs of Jamestown, will read the poem “In Flanders Field”.

“We appreciate their dedication to helping us honor our fallen veterans,” said Joe Paladino, United Veterans Council of Jamestown cemetery chairman.