Coldspring Town Board To Meet June 13

COLDSPRING — The Coldspring Town Board met May 9 for its regular meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Supervisor Tina Hyde. Members present were Wendell Craig Anderson, Kenneth Dechow and David Chapman. Also present were Ronald Brooks, highway superintendent and two residents.

Minutes were read from the April 4 meeting by town clerk and approved as read by Hyde.

Under new business, the board discussed the flooding on Coldspring Road and how it affects properties that use to be farm land and are now swamp land, health concerns, ticks, water back up and wondered what their recourse was concerning this problem. Residents had previously spoke with Rep. Tom Reed concerning this problem. The town will contact Department of Environmental Conservation for a resolution to the flooding.

Hyde submitted her annual report to be reviewed by the Town Board. Wendell Craig Anderson moved to adopt a resolution to accept the report.

A letter was received from a resident regarding the “Randolph Mammoth” and the Randolph Fish Hatchery being in the town of Coldspring and requesting action to make it known. Another resident had mentioned it at a previous meeting.

Since this meeting the town clerk read an article published in the NYS Conservationist in the April 2019 issue shared on Facebook and has visited the Randolph Fish Hatchery to look at the sign which was erected at the Randolph Fish Hatchery. Next meeting of the Town Board will be on Thursday, June 13.