Auxiliary Debuts New Ornament

WESTFIELD — The Westfield Memorial Hospital Auxiliary board’s 2019 Christmas ornament is now available.

This is the 13th year in the limited edition series. The 2019 ornament celebrates the advent of the Mechanical Grape Harvester and is titled “Harvestime 1969.” In 1969, mechanical grape harvesters revolutionized and expedited harvest time by replacing hand pickers. What once took up to six weeks could be accomplished in a matter of days. The harvester and a five-man crew could pick one acre of grapes per hour, 24 hours per day, regardless of weather. The machine straddles the grape row. Paddles shake the vines. The grape berries fall onto a conveyor system which deposits them into one ton bins carried by a tractor and trailer that keeps pace with the picker in the adjacent row. Tractor trailers transport the grapes to the processing plants.

In addition to the ornament, “Harvestime 1969” may also be purchased as a magnet.

The ornament or magnet are available at the Westfield Farmer’s Market, First Fridays, other community functions or by contacting any Westfield Memorial Hospital Auxiliary board member. All proceeds benefit ongoing auxiliary projects at Westfield Memorial Hospital.