Washington MS Officials Honor Four As March Students Of The Month

Pictured are Jesenia Barber, Ethan Pumford, Colin Brand and Omarys I. Bayona-Santiago. The students were honored recently as Washington Middle School Students of the Month for March. Submitted photo

Washington Middle School recently announced its students of the month for March. They are:

Omarys I. Bayona-Santiago is in fifth grade and is the daughter of Hope Yesenia Santiago Cosme. She likes running in her spare time. Her favorite subject in school is math and she feels Mrs. Hagglund has changed her life by helping her so much. In the future, she would like to play baseball.

Colin Brand is in sixth grade and is the son of Stacy and Carl Brand. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and playing video games. His favorite subjects in school are coding and typing and says Mrs. Brand made a huge difference in his life by teaching challenging things. In the future, he wants to write computer code.

Ethan Pumford is a seventh grader and the son of Lori and Brian Pumford. His favorite subjects are physical educaiton and science and has been influenced by Mr. Williams and Mr. Schrader by making schoolwork more fun. He enjoys dancing, games, and drawing in his spare time and in the future, he would like to be a professional artist, architect or dancer.

Jesenia Barber is in eighth grade and is the daughter of David Barber. She enjoys playing volleyball, running, and playing cello in her spare time. Her favorite subjects in school are math and ELA. She is grateful to Mrs. Pitts for helping her get through her personal problems. In the future, she wants to be a lawyer.