Super Dog Saturday Held April 13

Members of the Cherry Grove K9 Search and Rescue visited Chautauqua County 4-Hers at Super Dog Saturday on April 13. Submitted photo

Chautauqua County 4-H Dog Project held Super Dog Saturday on April 13 at the Frank Bratt Ag Center. This annual event is a day devoted to learning more about the unique talents of dogs and to have some fun too.

At Super Dog Saturday 4-H youth were able to sign up for their show number for the upcoming show season at 4-H Acres. They also made a dog-themed grapevine wreath and played games including musical dog beds.

The 4-Hers welcomed special guests Cherry Grove K9 Search and Rescue. Cherry Grove K9 Search and Rescue provided a wealth of knowledge about how dogs are trained for search and rescue. The K9 group also explained how each different breed uses their nose for searching for the scent of a person, which of their dogs search for live people and for deceased people. Youth learned that dogs are trained to search on and off lead. The highlight of the day was when 4-H youth put the dogs to the test and hid around the grounds of the Ag Center and had to be “found” by the K9 dogs. The youth really enjoyed learning from the experienced members of the Cherry Grove K9 Search and Rescue and had many questions. Of course, they loved petting the dogs as well.

Youth in the dog project will be busy this spring attending weekly trainings to prepare for their shows at 4-H Acres this summer. Youth and their dogs learn the skills necessary to show in agility, grooming, handling, and rally obedience classes.