Washington February Students Of The Month

Pictured are Washington Middle School February Students of the Month Daniel Boldorff, Ashia Drew Williams, Ashia Brown and Madison Potter.

Washington Middle School officials recently released the school’s Students of the Month for February. They are:

¯ Daniel Boldorff, fifth grade and the son of Hope Boldorff. Daniel likes to play games in his spare time. His favorite subject in school is science and he feels Mrs. Hill has changed his life. In the future, he would like to go to college.

¯ Ashia Brown, sixth grade and the daughter of Herbert Brown. In her spare time, she enjoys playing on her phone and watching TV. Ashia’s favorite subject in school is math and she says Miss Hagglund made a huge difference in her life by making her feel like she can do anything. In the future, she wants be a pediatrician.

¯ Madison Potter, seventh grade and the daughter of Melissa and Eric Potter. Madison’s favorite subject is English language arts and she has been influenced by Mrs. Pitts by being an amazingly nice and encouraging teacher. She enjoys dancing and playing softball in her spare time and in the future, she would like to be a dance teacher.

¯ Drew Williams, eighth grade and the son of Holly and Jason Williams. Drew enjoys drawing and writing books in his spare time. His favorite subjects in school are biology and English language arts. He is grateful to Mr. Iacuzzo for picking cool books to read, like Unbroken. In the future, he wants to be a chef, animator or photographer/videographer.