Thule Lodge 127 First Meeting Of The Year Scheduled March 28

Thule Lodge 127 will begin its 112th year in the Jamestown area with the first meeting of the year scheduled for Thursday, March 28, at the Falcon’s Nest in Falconer at 7 p.m.

The Thule Lodge did not meet during the winter months due to inclement weather conditions.

Thule Lodge, a part of the international Swedish VASA Order, was formed to help the Swedish emigrants when the people emigrated to the United States with their housing, employment, school and during times of illness. The lodge served as a social organization, and when there were health problems with the family, would provide assistance.

Many of the Swedish immigrants found employment at the large number of furniture factories, and so settled in the Jamestown area. Today, the Thule Lodge exists to preserve the Swedish heritage through events and activities. Lodge meetings will be held at the Falcon’s Nest.

In preparation of the new year, officers for 2019 were elected. Tom Eckberg will serve as the lodge chairman, with Susan Washington Sipos as the vice chairman. Diane K. Shaw is the lodge chaplain.

Lodge historian is John Sipos who has served as historian for nearly 20 years. Sipos has kept records of the lodge, and completed an annual report presented at the spring meeting. This year, Sipos will present the historical report of all of the activities and events from last year 2018. The report will include photographs of events and activities from the past year, and will be kept on file with other year’s reports.

Other officers of the Thule Lodge include Loretta Smith as the financial secretary and treasurer, and Diane Grodecki as the inner guardsman. Mistress of ceremony is Donna Johnson, and assistant is Bernice Veights. Mrs. Veights is also serving as membership secretary. Edwin Sandberg, who is a past chairman and one of the trustees/auditors, served as the New York State District Master. Sandberg will officate the installation of officers at the upcoming meeting. Other trustees/auditors include Tim Miller, Wayne Nelson, Jerry Erickson, and Scott Axelson. Past chairman is Ralph Veights. Historian Sipos will also serve as the recording secretary. Vice chairman Sipos has prepared a calendar of events for the lodge for the year 2019.

Following the organizational meeting, refreshments will be served. New members are welcome.