Gov. Cuomo To Reinstate Speed Camera Program

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo will formally reinstate the speed camera program in New York City and more than double the number of zones will be included in the 2019 Executive Budget.

Cuomo said the program could have expired in 2018, blaming the Republican-led Senate for blocking passage of legislation that would allow the program to continue. In response, Cuomo declared a state of emergency to temporarily reinstate the program. Cuomo’s budget proposal will reinstate and expand the program through statute and expand the number of impacted school zones from 140 to 290.

In addition to expanding the number of school zones covered by the program, the governor’s proposal would also provide additional signage to give notice of cameras as well as expand the area in which cameras can be placed.

In 2013, Cuomo signed a bill into law authorizing New York City to develop a system to advance school zone highway safety utilizing camera technology to record and enforce speeding violations.