Christmas Grace Planned Dec. 16 At Church

A Service of Christmas Grace will be held at the Kiantone Congregational Church on Sunday, Dec. 16, at 6:30 p.m.

Area pastors and churches are joining to have a service which ministers grace to all.

“The candle-lit service in the stillness of the sanctuary brings the music and story of Christmas to uniquely touch those with broken hearts, loneliness, or struggling through other personal set-backs,” said Pastor Mel McGinnis. “The service gives voice to their need and identifies with their feelings while gently ushering them into the presence of God through worship and the hope of gospel.”

The Rev. Phil Roushey of Zion Lutheran Church will be present the message and David and Patty Bush of Siloam Fellowship will share in special music. Other ministers in the area will be participating and carols appropriate for the setting will be sung.

Though the service fits a certain niche in the community, all are welcome to attend.

For more information, call 569-2210.