Young To Continue To Advance Upstate NY

By The Post-Journal

After Democrats seized control of the state Senate from Republicans on election day, state Sen. Cathy Young R-Olean is working to continue to advance upstate New York.

Democrats already are in charge of the state Assembly and occupy all four statewide offices.

“This past Election Day, the New York State Senate Republican Majority suffered a number of devastating losses. Since then, our Conference has been reassessing its strengths and weaknesses and envisioning a path forward,” Young said in a press release. “My goal in seeking leadership of the Republican Minority Conference was to be a strong voice for upstate New York. The majority of our remaining members are from upstate.”

According to The Associated Press, Democrats scored big wins on Long Island and in the Hudson Valley to ensure that they’ll have a convincing majority when the full Legislature reconvenes in January — though the final number won’t be set until all the ballots are counted in coming days and weeks.

“New York City now controls all of state government and I will continue to stand up and fight against their destructive policies that hurt upstate. I will be an unwavering advocate for our people, our economy and our way of life,” Young said.

Republicans have controlled the chamber for decades, with a notable exception a decade ago when Democrats held a brief, and troubled majority. Before the elections changed the math, the GOP held a one-seat majority, and then only thanks to a renegade Democrat, Sen. Simcha Felder of Brooklyn, who is allied with Republicans. Democrats already wield a commanding majority in the state Assembly and hold all four statewide offices, The AP said.

“My congratulations go out to Senator Flanagan on his election as Minority Leader. I look forward to working with him, and all of our Republican and Democratic colleagues, to advance upstate New York and all the diverse regions of our great state,” Young added.